2020, The Year of Terrazzo

If you’ve enjoyed a visit to your favorite home goods store or perused Pinterest in recent months, you’ve probably noticed terrazzo products flooding both the shelves and the internet. Terrazzo has made a comeback, and it isn’t going away any time soon. From floors to shower curtains, terrazzo and terrazzo inspired designs are continuing to trend.

What is terrazzo made from?

Terrazzo consists of crushed aggregate, including marble, glass, plastic, metal shavings, and porcelain. Many aggregate are also recycled. These aggregates are mixed into a matrix of either epoxy or cement, then poured, ground, and polished. Aggregate comes as small as a millimeter or as larger pieces seen in Venetian terrazzo. Epoxies also come in every color imaginable – your design possibilities are essentially endless!

terrazzo countertops

Is terrazzo only for flooring?

Absolutely not. As you can see from recent products in stores, terrazzo isn’t just for floors. It can be precast into a variety of product designs, such as furniture, countertops, wall cladding, stairs, and base. At Venosa, we’ve even created coasters, ornaments, and decorative life-size sunflowers.

Where can I buy terrazzo?

While you can find terrazzo inspired designs at many stores, nothing competes with the real thing. Terrazzo’s versatility, sustainability, and beauty are why this product is consistently trending and here to stay for 2020. Contact us for information and design assistance, and incorporate terrazzo into your next project!