5 Facts About Terrazzo

Terrazzo is one of the most interesting finishes on the market. From its rich history to its ease of customization, terrazzo continues to prove itself as beautiful, durable, and unique. Here are a few facts about terrazzo: 1.The use of terrazzo dates back thousands of years. While Italy is typically given credit for the origins … Continued

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Reduce, Reuse, Restore

Terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring finishes on the market. If properly maintained, it can last for decades. If not properly maintained, it’s easily restored. Terrazzo can easily be restored to its original beauty while a building is fully occupied. Restoration is done with low impact machines in a natural, multi-step process. This … Continued

Keeping Your Terrazzo Clean

Keeping surfaces disinfected and clean is extremely important, especially these days. Here are some best practices for keeping your terrazzo floors and countertops maintained and germ-free: Cleaning of Terrazzo Floors Follow these guidelines to ensure your terrazzo floors are clean and in peak condition: Harsh cleaners can damage your terrazzo floors. Only products that have … Continued

COVID-19 Notice

As the impact from the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues around the world, we appreciate the efforts everyone is making to remain calm and to support each other through this situation. Our offices and plant remain open, and we would like to share information, guidance and policies that we can all use to protect each other at … Continued

2020, The Year of Terrazzo

If you’ve enjoyed a visit to your favorite home goods store or perused Pinterest in recent months, you’ve probably noticed terrazzo products flooding both the shelves and the internet. Terrazzo has made a comeback, and it isn’t going away any time soon. From floors to shower curtains, terrazzo and terrazzo inspired designs are continuing to … Continued

You Can Help the Planet with Terrazzo

If you’re considering terrazzo products for your next project, you’re making an environmentally conscious decision. Terrazzo is sustainable and can be produced from recycled materials. The epoxy matrices used in terrazzo also low VOC, and most aggregates consist of natural marble or recycled glass. Terrazzo isn’t just for flooring either. A London-based designer uses leftover … Continued

Terrazzo or Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is becoming an increasingly popular flooring system. Cheap and easy to install, it has become the go to flooring system for big box stores and various commercial settings. But remember, you get what you pay for. Polished concrete is prone to cracking, showing wear and tear much earlier than other flooring systems – … Continued

Featured Terrazzo Cove Base

Terrazzo cove base provides a monolithic surface perfect for hospitals and healthcare settings. Monolithic surfaces cannot harbor bacteria, and are therefore easier to clean and safer for patients and visitors. Visit our Facebook page to view our featured project by Terrazzo and Marble Supply Companies:

Terrazzo Trends 2019

Moving beyond floors and into a broad spectrum of design applications, terrazzo is everywhere in 2019. Terrazzo furniture, coasters, wallpaper, tiles, and even dishware can be found at large box stores across the world. But how did it become so popular? And is it here to stay? Check out this article by Vogue on the … Continued