Pairing Precast Terrazzo with Other Flooring Systems

If you walk through any building, you will probably notice that the floors and base are typically paired together by system. For example, tile floors have tile base, terrazzo floors have terrazzo base and treads, vinyl flooring might have rubber base, etc.

While rubber and wood base options are typically more budget-friendly initially, they don’t last as long as other base options, such as terrazzo. Precast terrazzo base can be an excellent alternative to these less durable tread and base options. Durable and easy to maintain, terrazzo base and treads have a long life cycle that provides a return on investment within seven years of installation. If properly cared for, terrazzo will last the life of the building, whereas rubber base would need to be replaced every few years.

You might be wondering how well terrazzo base and treads can pair with other flooring systems. Designed by wHY Architecture, this contemporary space shows a pairing of bright white terrazzo tread risers with a dark polished concrete floor. This space utilizes both the versatility and durability of terrazzo to create a one of a kind design.

white terrazzo staircase with polished concrete floor

One of the best characteristics of terrazzo is its ability to be completely customized. With thousands of epoxy colors and hundreds of aggregates to choose from, we can create any color of terrazzo base or treads to complement any flooring system design. Cost-effective, durable, and custom, terrazzo continues to prove to be one of the best flooring finishes available, regardless of the application.

To see the numerous ways you can customize terrazzo to fit with other flooring systems, visit our sample gallery and contact us for design ideas!