5 Facts About Terrazzo

Terrazzo is one of the most interesting finishes on the market. From its rich history to its ease of customization, terrazzo continues to prove itself as beautiful, durable, and unique. Here are a few facts about terrazzo:

1.The use of terrazzo dates back thousands of years.

While Italy is typically given credit for the origins of terrazzo, some terrazzo floors can be traced back to ruins in Turkey and ancient Egypt. The terrazzo we know today began when
Venetian construction workers mixed scraps of marble from their jobs with clay, using it as an inexpensive floor in their own homes. Terrazzo moved to America in the late 18th century as
Italian immigrants brought over their trade knowledge and expertise. It soon became widely used in America in both commercial and residential settings.

2.Terrazzo is highly customizable.

Terrazzo consists of either a cement or epoxy matrix that is then mixed with aggregate. While marble is traditionally used, various other aggregates can be mixed in including mother of
pearl, glass, porcelain, metal shavings, and recycled materials. Epoxy can be matched in virtually any color, creating a completely customized look. Cement requires added pigment to
achieve various colors. While cement produces a beautiful floor, the vast array of colors available with epoxy cannot be achieved in cement.

3.Terrazzo can be poured or precast.

Terrazzo comes in two forms – poured or precast. Poured terrazzo is installed by mixing the aggregate and matrix at the site of the project, and then pouring and trowling it onto the
floor. It is then grinded, grouted, and polished into a completely monolithic surface. Precast terrazzo is cast into forms in a manufacturing facility, and then fabricated to size. These
pieces are shipped to the project site and installed. Terrazzo can be cast into various custom products and shapes, including countertops and even furniture pieces.

4.Terrazzo is extremely durable.

There’s a reason one hundred year old terrazzo floors are still seen all over the United States (and throughout the world!) – terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring options
available. Over time, terrazzo can stain and crack, but can also easily be restored to its original beauty by a certified terrazzo contractor. Because of terrazzo’s long life cycle and
ability to be made from recycled materials, terrazzo proves to be an environmentally conscious flooring option.

5.Terrazzo provides both contemporary and traditional designs.

2020 has seen a return of terrazzo. From printed designs to furniture, terrazzo is being utilized in spaces across the world. While many may view terrazzo as a classic look, terrazzo
also provides contemporary designs for more modern spaces. From Venetian large aggregate to microblend, terrazzo provides a highly customized floor that can fit any design intent.